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Opening concert

The opening concert performed by Traffic Strings will take place on September 11, in the Aula Magna, after the Opening Plenary.
On this occasion, we will enjoy together the good music from all the meridians of the globe, just like the participants of this conference.


About Traffic Strings

TRAFFIC STRINGS project was initiated by the musician Lucian Moraru and has in its composition some of the most talented instrumentalists of the moment in Romania. TRAFFIC STRINGS practices music that does not belong to any musical style or period. Hence the name of the ensemble, which suggests the constant leaps that they make through the musical genres. Classical, tango, jazz, folk, pop, they go through the filter of their instruments everything that inspires and considers them valuable. 

The musicians who are part of TRAFFIC STRINGS play with sensitivity and virtuosity. They approach each musical genre with exquisite feeling. Their orchestrations are innovative yet true to the original compositions. The manner in which TRAFFIC STRINGS perform is both profound and authentic.

TRAFFIC STRINGS appeal to each and every music lover. Whether you enjoy listening to the rich heritage of Romanian folklore or to Bach and Vivaldi or to a cocktail of sound and rhythm in their tango, jazz, or instrumental pop/rock concerts, TRAFFIC STRINGS are sure to enthrall you.
Their concerts are bound to fill you with energy. Once you have taken a pill of TRAFFIC STRINGS, your life will be much more beautiful.





















Access is free for all conference participants.

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