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In the course of its over 150 years of existence, the generations of students and teachers have managed to make the University of Bucharest the most important institution for higher education, research and culture in Romania, as it nowadays enjoys solid national and international prestige. Under the tutelage of the academic professorial staff, the almost 34.000 students of the University of Bucharest are actively involved in the life of the academic community, partaking into scientific manifestations that are held yearly within the University. Within the University of Bucharest there are 19 faculties and 1 department. 


Annualy, over 1000 students of the University of Bucharest carry out within a large number of academic programmes formation or specialization internships in universities across Western Europe, the US, Canada, Japan and other countries. We have over 50 functioning institutes, departments and research centres, most of them collaborating with similar scientific centres from abroad.

Faculty of Law​

Faculty of Law is one of the oldest faculties belonging to the University of Bucharest and was established in 1859.  Its academic staff includes remarkable legal scholars as well as highly active politicians, working as members of the traditional chairs: the public law chair, the private law chair and the criminal law chair.

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