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Criminology goes East

Bucharest, the capital of Romania, welcomes you to one of the most important academic events in the field of criminology.


Bucharest is the most Easternmost city of the conferences organised by the European Society of Criminology. Certain historical characteristics of Romania, host country of this conference, could be linked to its general topic. Geography positioned Romania for centuries between different civilisations. As such, the constant swing between cultures gave birth to the current day mix. One should take as an example the Romanian language, which is predominantly Latin, but with heavy Slavic influences. The Romanian cuisine has mainly Eastern influences, but throughout time borrowed Western habits. The list can go on. The Balkans are a region which continuously had to adapt to new realities.

The conference will tackle issues related to the development of criminology all over Europe and beyond and will be a great opportunity to bring people together in a city full of history.

The 24th conference of the ESC invites you to reflect on such issues and many more linked to the general topic of the conference. It is our hope that you will take part in discussions and all the ideas that will be disseminated and shared will contribute to the development of criminology in a contemporary context.

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